In 2007 I published The Honest Broker with Cambridge University Press. It has been, by far, the most influential academic publication of my career, with over 1000 cites according to Google Scholar.

Give its success, I have taken on the idea of a second edition with some trepidation, as I could mess up that which helped the book reach such a large audience.

But with the book’s 10 year anniversary next year (time does fly), I am taking the leap and working on a second edition.

Lots has changed in science and politics, and lots has stayed the same. I’ve learned a lot from many colleagues an practitioners about the ideas in the book, and with an update, I hope to take the book’s arguments a bit further, correct that which was unclear or muddled and give the book a solid updating for the next ten years.

This blog is my professional notebook for ideas and commentary – and hopefully some feedback – as I progress with completing the revision during the fall of 2017. I’ll write on all sort of things here related to science and policy, and I welcome your participation.